Loving Her (Keeping Her #2) Kelly Lucille



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181 pages


Loving Her (Keeping Her #2)  by  Kelly Lucille

Loving Her (Keeping Her #2) by Kelly Lucille
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Cassandra has been wandering her whole life, searching for something she can’t put a name to. Now on the run from an abusive x-boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer she somehow finds the one place she belongs.She just didn’t expect it to be in the arms of two men.Mac and Ben are a part of a team of shapeshifters, misfits, and loners who served together in the SEAL teams, then banded together for protection against their enemies.

They have formed a pack of their own but have never quite managed family.Until a few extraordinary women walk into their lives.In this, the second of the series, Mac and Ben are going to fall fast for Clytie’s cousin Cassandra. She’s going to have to deal with two sexy alpha males who make her laugh, turn her on and who would die to keep her safe. If she can trust her heart, get past their player pasts, not to mention ability to turn into an animal at will…she could find the love of a lifetime.

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