Ring of Fire the Adventure Begins Michael Merrell


Published: December 9th 2012

Kindle Edition

249 pages


Ring of Fire the Adventure Begins  by  Michael Merrell

Ring of Fire the Adventure Begins by Michael Merrell
December 9th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 249 pages | ISBN: | 7.76 Mb

Abby Westminster is about to discover that the father she never knew is the greatest British spy of all time. Its not an easy idea to get used to, but at least the bloodline explains the trouble she has keeping her - to put it nicely - more earthly urges under control.A volcanologist by trade, Abby finds herself trapped underground while exploring the inner depths of a Pacific island when an explosion rocks its volcanic centerpiece into a catastrophic eruption.

She escapes certain death only to emerge to a pulse-pounding world of international intrigue that unlocks the mystery of her secret past.When British Secret Service enlists the young woman to help stop neo-Nazi madman Heinz Bernhardt from unleashing natures fury on an unsuspecting free world, she finds herself in a thriller of her own. Its vintage adventure and non-stop action as the cat-and-mouse chase races through the streets of London and Berlin, then on to the mountains and forests of the U.S.

Pacific Northwest.Abby picks up uninvited help from Dick Long, brother of Mona Long, a missing volcanologist who holds the key to Bernhardts wicked plan. But Dick still watches cartoons and cant slip a straw into a Big Gulp without thinking about sex. Danger and romance are on the rise when Dick shows he has more interest in convincing Abby that he can live up to his name than he has in saving the world.Complete with high-tech Secret Service gadgetry, an Aston Martin with custom features, and battles on land, over water and in the air, the suspense builds as Abby pieces together Bernhardts sinister scheme and launches a desperate attack to overcome the forces of evil.

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